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001. Le popotam – Juego Lúgubre

℗ 2006 Gata Recs
© 2006 Gata / Le Popotam / Carola Astudillo

Andreas Bullbinger

Hamburg - Deutschland

Tolle! es hat mein leben verändert .

  • Electroclash 50% 50%
  • Electro Pop 50% 50%
Available at mayors digital stores, but we prefer Bandcamp

We started as a label, at the same time we released this single, back in 2006. The track ended up becoming an anthem in the South American electroclash scene. Unfortunately for both, the label and the musicians, it all ended a bit later, along with the decline of this style.

We went back to work in 2012, and decided to do justice by publishing this single in all digital stores. It’s not exactly the same as the original, since we lost the master in a move. But this version also has its charm, since it was captured in a single take, as if it were a live show.

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