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062. Various Artists – Hot Cuts! 06

℗ 2018 Gata Recs
© 2018 Gata / Various Artists

Marc Vies

Barcelona - Catalunya

Encara ballo!

  • Electro 50% 50%
  • Wave 20% 20%
  • Post Disco 30% 30%
Available at mayors digital stores, but we prefer Bandcamp

The first two tracks of this EP are a disco tribute, from two very different perspectives by the way. The synthetic, through The Lucho. And the organic & purist, without machines, from Lídimo.

The second half also shows us two perspectives, but this time from electro. In the remix made to the Chilenomedio track, we find it fused with techno and wave. And in which it closes, the one hit wonder signed by Diferencias Ideologicas, loaded with pop from the eighties.

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