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065. Various Artists – To Live Like A King

℗ 2019 Gata Recs
© 2012 – 2019 Gata  / Various Artists

Camillo Amato

Roma - Italia

Un'ottima selezione, forse, il migliore da molto tempo.

  • Techno 40% 40%
  • Electronic 60% 60%
Available at mayors digital stores, but we prefer Bandcamp

To live like a king you need money, no doubt, but you also have to be a scoundrel. For this reason, we have been inspired by the second (because of the first we have nothing at all) and we have created this eclectic and shameless compilation EP, that includes authors from diverse backgrounds and which in this first volume, brings together sound close to techno & electronic.

And as in any other royalty, we have added a couple of jester things.

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