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066. Various Artists – To Live Like A King II

℗ 2019 Gata Recs
© 2012 – 2019 Gata / Various Artists

Maxine Lachenal

Auvergne - France

Par hasard je l'ai entendu , continué par choix.

  • Electronica 50% 50%
  • Post Disco 50% 50%
Available at mayors digital stores, but we prefer Bandcamp

In the second part of our EP inspired by the royal matters, we have prioritized that none of our listeners gets bored (we treat them well, like royalty), that are why we have selected tracks with sounds close to post-punk, new wave and neo-pop – variety, a lot of variety – created by artists who have never lived under the rule of a king.

Ignorance and inexperience sometimes have their advantages, right?

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