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067. Hidromental – Treguiles

℗ 2021 Gata Recs
© 2021 Gata / Hidromental
Artwork: Francesco Cafiglione
Design: Andrew

Lía Ribelles

Perpinyà - Catalunya Nord

El més bell d'aquest any de merda.

Limited Edition

Also available on cassete tape

  • Minimal 50% 50%
  • House 50% 50%
Available at mayors digital stores, but we prefer Bandcamp

After six years of creative pause, Hidromental presents Treguiles, a conceptual Ep in minimal-house code, which takes inspiration from the artist’s own life.

The first parallel is founding in Bicicleta, a track loaded with an oppressive atmosphere, that gradually grows, making us believe that at some point it will explode, although in the end it never does. Which, in the artist’s words, “reflects in some way the relationship with drug abuse and the desire to party”.

Without completely leaving the dark zone, on the second track we find a tune built like a mantra, which takes place in the company of the treguiles, some birds native to southern Chile, that through their trills, announce the arrival of the rain, and that in this case they provide light, filling us with serenity.

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