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“FUIG!” born from absolute uncertainty, is a music proposal that arises from the thoughts, the anxiety, and the invisibility of what it means, to be an irregular immigrant. These are the artist’s experiences, and he tries to convey these feelings through the darkness, the oppressive atmosphere and -sometimes- the joy of illusion.

In this disco-electro voyage, the tracks have a musical development, where changes occur layer by layer, sound by sound and beat by beat. Leading us to a moment when there is a turn, even an explosion, where the track takes another path or continues along the same, with more force than ever.

To achieve the atmosphere he wanted, the artist decided to make the recording on a maximum of eight tracks, without effects, and use the synthesizers like a classic rock band (those with guitar, bass, drums, and vocals) Because of that, he never used more than four synths; “I wanted it to be minimal, but I didn’t want to do minimal electronics.”

Stylistically, the sound of “FUIG!” is fed by the Italian electronica of the eighties, reminding us at times of Gino Soccio and the dark electro of the 2000s developed by Carl Finlow. So, it’s an intriguing crossover; the older ones will find it familiar, and the youngest, maybe, even something new.

L’Irregular has lived in Catalonia for almost six years and explains that he decided to use this pseudonym because -for an irregular immigrant- it’s like a stain, a word that defines your life; “It’s a political—correctness euphemism because, in real life situations, you really don’t exist and everyone calls you, and treats you as an illegal, an invisible being.”

068. L’Irregular – Fuig!

© ℗ 2023 Gata Recs
All songs by: L’Irregular aka Andreu Iscariot
Produced by: Domènech Bassols, Andrés Duhart, Eduard Xartier & Gata Records Inc.
Artwork & Design: Andreu Iscariot

Martí Peixeter


De vegades cal fugir, si en faig, ho faré amb l'Irregular.

  • Retro Disco 40% 40%
  • Electro 60% 60%
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